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FOG JET fog fluid was designed to be used in popular geyzer and vertical jet machines.  These specialized machines were developed to mimic the effect of a CO2 or Liquid Nitrogen Cryogenic system by essentially jetting fog at extremly fast rates up to 30' in the air.  For this effect to work and look athentic you must utilize a fog fluid designed specifically for this purprose.  FOG JET is an extrememly well formuated fluid that will produce a thick fog that is very similar to a cryo effect and will dissapate rapidly once jetted from the machine.  Due to its quick disapation,  continuous or extended effects are now possible without the worry of complete white out of a space using a regular fog fluid was utilized instead. 


Manufactured in the USA utilizing only the highest grade chemicals approved by the FDA.  Combined with the most pure water on earth, JET FOG is one of the finest jettable fog fluids made.  

Jet Fog - Essential geyser and vertical jet machine fluid

US Sizes Available
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