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PRO FROST - Is a specialty formulated fog fuid designed to produce a very thick white fog that will  keep ultra low to the ground when paired with a qualit fog chiller. As the fog heats up naturally, it will quickly begin to dissapate effectively preventling heated fog to fill the air like it would if traditional fog fluid was used.  Our Univerally formulated, PRO FROST is compatable with most low lying fog gnerators.  Made from FDA approved chemicals and available in 1/5/55 US Gallons.

** 55 gallon will be drop shipped freight collect **

Pro Frost - The Ultimate Low Lying Fog Fluid

  • We are so confident that you will find our speical effect fog and haze fluids to be one of the best products on the market.  Within 90 days of purchasse, If for whatever reason you are unsatisfied with any of our products we will refund 100% of your money.  We work very hard to earn your trust and business so we ask that before we do initate a refund that we recieve the unused portion back to our facility.  We will make certain we thruoghly test the returned product and ask that we may contact you in regards to the challenge you had with your purchase and any machine info that may be helpful.  Please allow (10) business days from the time we recieve your return to initiate a refund to your credit card.  

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