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Fog & Haze Fluid


What makes  for good fog is good fluid.


There is a few ...


All of our poplular special effect fluids were designed by working lighting technicians in various entertainment industries.  With the help of some pretty smart chemists, they went on a team mission and worked together to formulate each of the products in front of you.  There was countless hours of R&D that went into designing and formulating each of these fluids.  In the end we were extremely happy with the reuslts and can now exclusibly offer them in our online store.  You wont be dissapainted!


Our legendary fog & haze special effect fluids are formulated utilizing the highest quality pharmaceutical grade products found on the market anywhere.  We then blend this with purest water on the planet,  de-ionized water.  The blend is then triple filtered and UV sanitized to eliminate any microscopic growth and extend the shelf life immensely. 


Our fluids are universally formulated which means they can be utilized safely with all brands of fog and haze machines. (note #1)


We offer our products at a lower cost because there is no middle man. WE ARE THE EXCLUSIVE DISTRIBUTOR AND MANUFACTURER, which allows us to offer unheard of wholesale pricing for such high end products.

NOTE: All effect fluids have been manufactured to work exclusively in water based or glycol type fog and haze machines.  While most machines on the market are compatible , damage may result  if our products are utilized in a oil based machines or oil cracker type machines.  Should you have any questions about the compatability of your machine oar have any questions about our exclusive line of high end effect fluids ,please call or email us your inquiry.  SDS information can by found on our website or email us and we will gladly get the information to you.

NOW Online Ordering Available!

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