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Who We Are...


Lightwerk Labs is a custom lighting and fabrication design/build company based in downtown Phoenix Arizona.  We specialize primarily in show lighting systems sales and service for the nightlife and entertainment industries.  We are authorized dealers of many top brands and a single distributor of world-class universal fog, haze, and special effect fluids (

In the last few years, client demand for a more custom approach to system design has led us into the fabrication of LED-lit signage,  custom lighting fixtures, and various one-of-a-kind artistic elements. 

The many benefits of LED technology have allowed us greater control over where we put light and better control over fabricating pieces to include LEDs.  The result has been some incredible showpieces that have been heavily praised on social media 

We strive to design every lighting system to be unique in itself and employ eye-catching elements that attract patrons to a space. 


Our Mission:  Each space unique in itself; Each space a night to remember.

What we do...

  • show lighting fixture service and repair

  • on-site lighting system maintenance programs

  • master control systems

  • atmospheric effects (Fog and Haze)

  • high power laser projection systems and control

  • custom designed  DMX controllable lighting fixtures

  • Custom logo signage and high detailed lit boutique signage 

Why choose us....

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