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Club Lighting Systems

Welcome to the Nightlife! 
Below are images of our installations and design elements at various nightclubs and event spaces.   We focus on providing a complete one-stop-shop for club designers and venue owners.  From concept to creation, we can source all the necessary lighting effects, lasers, and atmospheric effects needed to create the visual energy you need in today's nightlife industry. Properly placed club lighting fixtures, haze and fog machines, and innovative show programming is what attracts onlookers to your establishment... if missing they will just simply pass you by....
We can offer custom one-of-a-kind lit artistic pieces that can become part of the "the show" if needed.  We offer LED lit walls, fixtures, you name it all controlled by DMX allowing full control of features, brightness, and color. 
Imagine it and we will create it.  
Lightwerks Light ONLY Reverse.jpg
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