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Bar 1 -  A neighborhood patio bar located in Phx who caters to just about everyone. The bar maintains a eclectic and diverse decor with some hidden details which give it much flair.  We fabricated several custom LED lit pieces for the patio and behind the bar as well as installed theri HD video system.  The bars owners Todd & Ken brought us in to help create  one-of-a kind "mini themed bar shelving units which group the various spirits together.  Come inside and see.......

The Rock - A great neighboorhood hotspot in downtown Phx which houses one of if not the only true drag showloounge in town.  We were brought in by the owners to rework and replace alot of the showlouge lighting and upgrade to several new fixtures avavilabe that really fit well in the space.  Its low ceilings made selecring the right movers essential.  Check out a few numbers below and have alook.

Karamba Nightclub -  A premiere nightclub in phoenix that knows how to dish out the latin flavor!  This incognito nightclub in the heart of phoenix  features one of the largest lightingsystems in town.  We were privilaged to design  and install the original system more then 10 years ago and by relayingon ourfixture maintenace program we have been maintining this sysem ever sense and they still have ALL of the originall equipment running 6 days a week..

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